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A proper identity is extremely important in today’s business environment. There are several elements involved in creating a proper identity:

Naming – In a crowded marketplace and digital media environment, a unique name has never been more important. We use our proven naming process to create a unique name for your company. This name will embody the essence of the company; while we ensure that it is a completely unique word, not found anywhere on the internet. This ensures that the company is easily found and cannot be mistaken. This is referred to as a “neologism”.

Please visit our sister company, which specializes in the art of naming. VibeMuse is a collaboration between a language expert and design and marketing expert; who together have perfected and streamlined the naming process. 

Logo – In our current digital environment, a proper logo must include a “logo icon”. This is equally as important as the name when creating a recognisable, memorable brand. As with the name, the logo is created to capture the core of the company, the ethos, the spirit, the collective soul. The logo or brand icon, is created through our logo study process. We work to capture the company’s core in a visual, unforgettable form. Our design rules adhere mathematically to the rules of nature, or “divine geometry”. This is the math that is common in every living thing that exists on earth.

The logo is also designed using specific technical rules, mathematical equations, and principals; ensuring that it properly translates from print to web. This ensures that the logo can be implemented anywhere – from a large billboard down to the smallest mobile device. This is essential in today’s world and is often overlooked. A logo must be recognizable and view-able any place, on any device. This is especially important when dealing with different social media platforms. We have no control over the screen that our logo is being viewed on, so it is essential that the logo is scale-able down to the smallest screen.

Philosophy Statement – A meaningful philosophy statement is the third element in creating a proper business identity. Unlike a simple “tagline” or “slogan”, a philosophy statement is a thoughtful summation, again, of the ethos, spirit, and collective soul of the company. A proper philosophy statement should speak to everyone; from the CEO, to the company staff, suppliers, and customers alike. A Philosophy Statement is a company’s opportunity to speak to the world and express what it is all about in just a few short words. It is of great importance that these words are not only meaningful, but create a connection with people to further brand recognition.

Philosophy Statements are constructed deliberately, using certain rules to assure its effectiveness. For example, they are to include 6 words or less, using a maximum of 10 syllables.

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Digital Media

Website Design & Build – We offer full website services, from domain name registration and hosting, to website design and complete build and implementation. We also integrate any necessary functions, such as e-commerce; integrating shopping cart, payment systems, and shipping. All of our websites are built using WordPress, using only the cleanest, easiest to use, comprehensive themes available. WordPress also makes making simple updates or posts easy. We offer website training for your new website, so that you can do simple tasks on your own. You can change wording, update products, make posts, and many other simple tasks easily. Our websites also integrate with accounting and e-commerce through Woocommerce.

Our web design combines two elements, a website that is visually compelling, contemporary and professional, while using the latest tools for functionality and customer usability. Usability is an extremely important part of web design. With 20 years of experience, we know how to make your website as easy to use as possible; while still incorporating all necessary functions. Design is also a key element in good web design. Your website needs to attract people and keep them engaged, therefore it needs to look great. The key is to keep the website clean, while incorporating elements of interest such as banners, photography, and videos. We also offer multimedia services, providing all necessary photography and video services.

Part of our job is to also keep ourselves up-to-date on all of the latest tools and technology. This combined with our extensive experience, gives our customers the best web design available.

Social Media Implementation – The importance of social media in today’s environment is often overlooked or deemed unimportant. At one time, having a website was thought of in the same way. We now know that a web presence is not only a necessary part of doing business, but is expected by customers. The same expectation is now a reality for social media. Customers expect to be able to interact with a business through social media, the same way they expect to find information about a business on its website. This is why we take a calculated and unified approach to social media implementation for business. It is important to have a cohesive account naming process that is consistent across all social media platforms. It is also important to learn the nuances between the different platforms and how to properly use them. This is why our implementation not only secures the proper social media presence, but also includes the necessary training for staff of its proper and effective use.

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A designer knows when perfection is achieved, it is not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery


Graphic Design – We offer a full range of graphic design services, to provide business’ with all of the necessary printed materials. We design and print items such as:

  • Business cards and stationery
  • Brochures and catalogues
  • Signage
  • Billboards
  • Vehicle wrapping
  • Custom die cut pieces.

Our approach keeps the business identity tightly consistent across all mediums, to accomplish strong brand recognition.

We have spent 20 years working and learning what we need to know about proper graphic design. As with most of our work, we stick to certain mathematical principles and rules when it comes to designing a printed piece. Besides math, white space is the most important part of our approach to graphic design. We look to the Swiss Style of Graphic Design, which relies on the use of white space, grid lines, and simple, easy to read fonts. This allows us to create visually compelling and easy to read and understand printed pieces. The trick is to combine these elements in the right way to accomplish to accomplish properly designed printed pieces.

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The message is the medium & the medium is the message. Oh and other things….


When creating a professional and visually pleasing website, catalogue, brochure, or other printed material, proper photography and video work is essential. As part of our overall services, we can provide full photography and video work.

Photography – We work with our customers to provide any necessary photography work for print and web. Our photography work can include anything from product shots to editorial or artistic shots. With our network of photographers, we work with you and your budget to accommodate all of your photography needs. We can also perform any and all necessary post production work, to ready your photos for final print or web use.

Video work – We offer a wide range of video work; creating beautiful videos from start to finish. We shoot, fully edit, then add desired effects such as kinetic text to create professional and visually compelling videos. Videos can then be embedded into your website to let you express even more to your customers. We also work in longer, documentary type video-making.

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The beginning is the most important part of the work.



With 20 years of experience working with every type of business, from one person operations to large organizations, we have acquired the knowledge and expertise to help your business. We have aided companies with every aspect of business, from the beginning stages of starting a company to planning and implementation of full campaigns.

Start-ups – We will help you with everything from registering and setting up your company, to full branding, website, and marketing packages.

Campaigns – We will plan and launch campaigns of any type or size.

Training – Save money! We can equip you with the knowledge you need to do many jobs yourself or by your staff. We can teach you how to make changes to your WordPress website, such as posts and product updates. You can also learn proper account setup and effective use of social media. Even learning the basics of implementing proper SEO can be learned.

Marketing Strategies – We will help you plan your marketing strategy, according to your budget.

SEO – Implementation of proper SEO.

We also offer overall business consulting services. We can help determine the problems that exist within your business and guide you towards solutions. Let us help you make your business more efficient and profitable.

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